This course is for you, if:

  • You're new to Intuitive Eating! Perhaps you've heard of it, but aren't quite sure where to start

  • You're trying to stop obsessing about what you should and should not eat

  • You don't want to go on anymore diets or use calorie-tracking apps, but don't know what else to do

  • You don't want to feel guilt or shame around food anymore. You're ready to enjoy food again

  • You want to learn how to nourish yourself and feel good in your body once and for all

  • You just want to feel peace and be happy in your relationship with food and your body

Imagine a life where...

  • You CAN enjoy all foods without feeling guilty or out-of-control

  • You CAN learn how to trust your body and listen to its cues again

  • You CAN spend your time doing the things you love rather than worrying about food or a silly number on the scale

  • You CAN free up some mental space and focus your energy on being the badass human that you are

Ready to start your Intuitive Eating journey?

Get my proven framework to help you ditch diets for good and live more peacefully. You will have access to over 70 video lessons, workbooks, tools and a private community where you can ask questions and receive support from a registered dietitian.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Orientation: Start Here

    • Welcome Video

    • Getting To Know You

    • Join The Private Community

  • 2

    Introduction to Intuitive Eating

    • Overview of Intuitive Eating

    • What To Expect On Your Journey

    • Favorite Books & Recommended Reads

    • Monthly Affirmations

    • Daily Gratitude Reminder

    • How to Explain Intuitive Eating to Others

    • Intuitive Eating Assessment Scale

    • Intuitive Eating Bill Of Rights

  • 3

    Chapter 1: Diet Culture

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 1 - Reject the Diet Mentality

    • Lesson 2: Break Up with Dieting

    • Lesson 3: Understanding the Harms of Dieting

    • Lesson 4: Dieting Without Being "On a Diet"

    • Lesson 5: Break Up with Your Scale

    • Lesson 6: Weight Does Not Dictate Your Health

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 4

    Chapter 2: Hunger Fundamentals

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 2 - Honor your Hunger

    • Lesson 2: Your Engine Needs Fuel

    • Lesson 3: The Minnesota Starvation Study

    • Lesson 4: Biological Mechanisms that Trigger Eating

    • Lesson 5: The Importance Of Carbs

    • Lesson 6: Why You Don't "Feel" Hungry

    • Lesson 7: Hunger Is Not Just Biological

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 5

    Chapter 3: Fear Foods

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 3 - Make Peace with Food

    • Lesson 2: Deprivation & Psychological Hunger

    • Lesson 3: Why You Might Be Overeating

    • Lesson 4: Unconditional Permission to Eat

    • Lesson 5: How To Make Peace With Food

    • Lesson 6: It's Okay If You Feel Overwhelmed

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 6

    Chapter 4: Food Rules

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Copy of Lesson 1: IE Principle 4 - Challenge the Food Police

    • Lesson 2: Irrational Beliefs & Self-Talk

    • Lesson 3: All-or-Nothing Thinking

    • Lesson 4: Magical Thinking

    • Lesson 5: Catastrophic Thinking

    • Lesson 6: Cup Half-Empty Thinking

    • Lesson 7: Linear Thinking

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 7

    Chapter 5: Food Satisfaction

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 5 - Discover the Satisfaction Factor

    • Lesson 2: Regain Pleasure From Eating

    • Lesson 3: Quick Note On Artificial Sweeteners

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 8

    Chapter 6: Fullness Fundamentals

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 6 - Feel Your Fullness

    • Lesson 2: The Clean Your Plate Club

    • Lesson 3: Auto-Pilot Mode & Conscious Eating

    • Lesson 4: How to Increase Conscious Eating

    • Lesson 5: What Affects Your Fullness

    • Lesson 6: Low-Staying Power Foods & Air Foods

    • Lesson 7: High-Staying Power Foods

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 9

    Chapter 7: Emotional Eating

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 7 - Cope With Your Emotions With Kindness

    • Lesson 2: Emotional Triggers For Eating

    • Lesson 3: Coping With Emotional Eating

    • Lesson 4: Why Feeling Your Feelings is Uncomfortable

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 10

    Chapter 8: Body Kindness

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 8 - Respect Your Body

    • Lesson 2: Weight Loss is Not a Health Behavior

    • Lesson 3: Body Respect, Not Body Love

    • Lesson 4: Ways To Increase Body Respect

    • Lesson 5: BMI's a Complete Scam

    • Lesson 6: Health At Every Size (R)

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 11

    Chapter 9: Intuitive Movement

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 9 - Movement, Feel the Difference

    • Lesson 2: Break Through Movement Barriers

    • Lesson 3: Movement = Stress Buffer

    • Lesson 4: Benefits of Movement

    • Lesson 5: Movement Mind Traps

    • Lesson 6: Where To Start

    • Lesson 7: Strength Training & Stretching

    • Lesson 8: Overdoing It & The Power Of Rest

    • Body Positive Fitness Resources

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 12

    Chapter 10: Health & Nutrition

    • Introduction

    • Download your Workbook & Bonus Resources

    • Lesson 1: IE Principle 10 - Honor Your Health, Gentle Nutrition

    • Lesson 2: Re-Defining Healthy Eating

    • Lesson 3: Nutrition 101

    • Lesson 4: The Fat-Free Trap

    • Lesson 5: Keeping the Pleasure in Eating

    • End of Chapter Evaluation

  • 13

    Wrap Up: You've Made It

    • Intuitive Eating Assessment Scale

    • Celebrating You

    • Course Completion Survey

I know you might have some questions...

  • What is Intuitive Eating?

    Intuitive Eating is a compassionate, self-care eating framework that treats all bodies with dignity and respect (Tribole & Resch, 2020). It's an anti-diet, weight-inclusive, evidence-based approach to health & wellness with +120 studies to date and a validated assessment scale. Intuitive Eating will help you heal your relationship with food and your body so you can live your life freely and fiercely.

  • Will this course help me lose weight?

    This course is based on Intuitive Eating principles. Intuitive Eating is a weight-neutral approach, which means that weight is NOT the focus. Your weight might go down, stay the same, or go up. This course is not designed to help you lose weight, it's designed to help you reconnect with your body and heal from the physical and mental impacts of dieting. In this course, weight is not used as an indicator of success or health.

  • Should I take this course or try coaching instead?

    Coaching is more individualized and offers 1:1 support. However, this course does not. This course is designed to give you the foundations of Intuitive Eating and is best suited if you're just starting to take your first steps in breaking free from a challenging relationship with food and your body. This course will help you use Intuitive Eating principles to assess your past history of dieting, why diets failed you, how you reconnect with your body and give it what it needs in order to change your relationship with food and self. 1:1 or group coaching is best suited for those who are ready to take a deep-dive into Intuitive Eating and receive direct guidance and feedback on to set goals and heal. If you'd like to have access to content of this course PLUS coaching, please check out my 6-month Intuitive Eating online group program.

  • How fast do I have to go through this course?

    At your own pace! This is not a race or a competition. Once you purchase the course your access never expires. My recommendation is to take a few days after watching the video lessons and completing the written workbooks. It's good to take some time to reflect on what you've learned and set some small, realistic goals accordingly before diving into a new chapter.

  • This course is an investment, do I have to pay in full?

    I know this course is an investment, which is why there are flexible payment plans that make things easier for you. if you can't pay in full, you can spread out your payment over 4 months and pay only $125/month. Remember how much it's actually costing you to have a negative relationship with food and your body. It costs you relationships, your health, your happiness, your time, your energy, your peace of mind and your freedom. So I urge you to think about the value you would get out of this course and what spending around $2 a day can give you.

  • I'm quite busy, can I still find time to go through the course content?

    Life doesn't wait or pause for anyone. You're always going to be busy. This is why all of the lessons are pre-recorded for you so you can work through them at your own time and pace. Many of my clients are busy professionals or parents with hectic days. We are constantly looking out for everyone around us, so why not do something to take care of ourselves for once?

  • I already know all about Intuitive Eating, is this course going to add to what I already know?

    It makes me so happy to hear that you're already familiar with Intuitive Eating! But I have a feeling that if you already knew everything you needed to know, you wouldn’t be reading this section trying to learn more about this course. In life, we are always students and learners. There's always room to grow and learn more. I'm confident that that there are many lessons and in this course that you haven’t yet heard. And actually, hearing some familiar topics once again will only help you sharpen your Intuitive Eating skills even more.

  • If I buy this course and get buyer's remorse, do I get a refund?

    This course is non-refundable. Once you purchase the course, it’s all yours!

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